Temporary Pacing Electrodes

BARD® Temporary Pacing Electrode Catheters are designed and built with the quality that has been a BARD® trademark for more than 25 years. Their unique construction provides many clinical benefits as outlined below:
  • Reduces the need for repositioning, saving physician time and minimizing patient discomfort.
  • Enables the electrode to maintain contact with the endocardium, assuring consistent pacing and sensing.
  • Facilitates easy and accurate placement, even in difficult anatomies, which may reduce procedure time.
  • Proprietary manufacturing process yields an ultra-smooth coating and polished surface.
  • BARD® offers a full line of electrodes for most temporary pacing needs.

Features and Specifications

SizeLengthFirst ElectrodeSecond ElectrodeCode
NBIH™ Biopolar Pacing Electrode
5F100cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal007150P
5F125cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal007151P
6F100cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal007152P
6F125cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal007153P
7F125cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal007406P
NBIH™ Biopolar Pacing Electrode, Soft Tip
6F100cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal057152P
6F125cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal057153P
NBIH™ Biopolar Pacing Electrode with Needle/Cannula
4F125cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal007417P
5F100cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal007250P
6F125cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal007253P
6F115cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal006395P
GOETZ™ Biopolar Pacing Electrode
5F100cmDistal Tip2.5cm Proximal007154P
5F125cmDistal Tip2.5cm Proximal007155P
6F100cmDistal Tip2.5cm Proximal007156P
6F125cmDistal Tip2.5cm Proximal007157P
GOETZ™ Biopolar Pacing Electrode Soft/Flexible Tip
6F125cmDistal Tip2.5cm Proximal057157P
Semi-Floating Bipolar Pacing Electrode
4F115cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal006221P
5F115cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal006225P
6F125cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal006241P
7F125cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal006242P
Balloon-Flow Assisted Bipolar Electrode Catheter, Non-Heparin bonded
4F110cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal006172P
5F110cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal006173P
Balloon Pacing Bioplar Catheter with Right Heart Curve, Non-Heparin Coated
5F110cmDistal Tip1cm Proximal520007P
The ZUCKER™ Lumen Electrode Catheter
6F125cmDistal Tip1.5cm Proximal051511P
7F100cmDistal Tip1.5cm Proximal051512P
7F125cmDistal Tip1.5cm Proximal051513P

Specifications subject to change without notice.


  • The NBIH™ and GOETZ™ catheter lines are ideal for use in the cath lab or the critical care unit when fluoroscopy is available.
  • The Balloon Flow-Assisted catheter line is suited for emergency cases and in critical care units where fluoroscopy is not readily available.
  • The Semi-Floating and Special Care catheters offer a cost effective alternative to the NBIH™ and GOETZ™ catheters. 
  • The ZUCKER™, MYLER™ catheters are open-lumen diagnostic pacing catheters useful during right heart procedures and critical care unit monitoring.


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