The ARCTIC SUN® Temperature Management Systems must be used only with the ARCTICGEL™ Hydrogel Coated Pads. The pads are thin, and anatomically shaped to cover areas of the patient’s skin. They come in non-sterile kits in sizes to cover a broad range of patients, fit both males and females, and are for single patient use only. 

Each pad has an inlet and an outlet connection that attaches to a Fluid Delivery Line. The pads are designed so that water flows within internal pathways across its surface to provide even, efficient heat transfer between the skin and water. The pads adhere to the patient’s skin by the use of a biocompatible hydrogel adhesive. The hydrogel maintains its adhesion level over extended periods. The pads can be repositioned on the patient’s skin if needed. The back of each pad is insulated to minimize heat transfer to the environment and condensation when cooling.

Features and Specifications

Product DescriptionSizeCode
ARCTIC GEL™ Cooling KitXXS3170202
ARCTIC GEL™ Cooling KitExtra Small3170302
ARCTIC GEL™ Cooling KitSmall3170502
ARCTIC GEL™ Cooling KitMedium3170702
ARCTIC GEL™ Cooling KitLarge3170902
ARCTIC GEL™ Cooling KitUniversal3170004

Specifications subject to change without notice.


  • pH neutral - safe for MRI, CT scan, X-ray, Cath Lab and defibrillation
  • Leak proof technology
  • Patented three-layered construction - provides rapid cooling and time sensitive control


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